Evidential Breath Alcohol

Evidential Breath AlcoholThe Department of Transportation have mandated that all safety sensitive employee such as,  Pilots, truck drivers, subway operators, ship captains, pipeline controllers, airline mechanics, locomotive engineers, armed security personnel and bus drivers – among others – have an awesome responsibility to the public and must be tested periodically for drugs or alcohol.

Employers of safety sensitive employees should make sure that employees understand that they have a personal and professional responsibility to the public and failing to comply can have devastating consequences.

Employers must also have strong drug and alcohol testing programs and employees must be removed from safety-sensitive duties immediately if they have violated drug and alcohol testing rules.  Employees must not be returned to safety-sensitive duties until they have been referred for evaluation and have successfully complied with treatment recommendations.  Supervisors must also be trained to identify the signs of drug use and alcohol misuse and how to effectively assist the employee.

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